Create Portfolios with Media Ethics Tab

Students in Michael Bugeja’s ethics classes create digital portfolios showcasing professional work with tabs aligning their values with companies or organizations for which they hope to work.


Each portfolio contains a personal ethics code. A few students are non-majors minoring in advertising, journalism and/or public relations. Most are juniors and seniors in advertising, public relations and journalism (all platforms). Many of the portfolios dazzle and showcase talents in preparation for internships or job placement.

Each student has given permission to share his or her site, which also is public on Internet. Some graduated years ago and still maintain their portfolios, living their ethics according to tenets developed in Dr. Bugeja’s Living Media Ethics (Routledge/Taylor & Francis).

Students are encouraged to list their portfolio links on social media, especially LinkedIn.

See this video for a sample of what you will view if you click on a particular student’s portfolio:

See this instructional video on how to assemble a digital portfolio with media ethics tab:


Companies and organizations seeking interns and employers rely on students to have digital portfolios. But the biggest selling point for a prospective hire is a sense of responsibility and strong work ethic.

Take a moment to look at portfolio samples from Dr. Bugeja’s media ethics classes at Iowa State University’s Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication. Visit:


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